Logo identity that reflects the identity of PP PRIME Public Company

We conducting business under the concept of sustainability innovation development and responsibility is the most important, we response in society, environment and economy.

is  People

is  The Best

Design : Emblem  (LOGO)

Designed using the Golden Ratio to create the letter P to create stability, balance, and strength. The letters are connected by an overlap, representing the organization's working together towards the ultimate goal. in a systematic, orderly and unified manner

การใช้งานตราสัญลักษณ์ของ PP PRIME บนพื้นสีอ่อน ประกอบไปด้วย


      1. Corporate Logo Vertical


       2. Corporate Logo Horizontal

The use of the PP PRIME logo on dark backgrounds includes


      1. Corporate Logo Vertical


     2. Corporate Logo Horizontal

Primary Colors used within the organization consist of the following main shades

1.Blue (Pantone 2728 C)

2.Gold (Pantone 2728 C)

Secondary Colours It is a color value that is darker and more vivid from the main shade. Used for gradation only.