White shrimp shrimp diet

Product info
Ingredients: Fish meal, squid liver liver, wheat flour, soybean meal And / or stationary soybeans, yeast, vitamins, minerals and animal feed preservatives

Berawi 1 is suitable for shrimp larvae, stage 1, average weight 1.2-2.5 grams
Number 2 is suitable for Shrimp larvae, stage 2, average weight 2.2-3.5 grams
Bervy 3 is suitable for small shrimp, weighing 1-3 grams.
Bervy 3a is suitable for Shrimp, average weight 3-8 grams
Bervy 3P is suitable for shrimp weight, average weight 3-7.5 grams.
Bervy 4 S Suitable for model 1 shrimp. Average weight 7.5-12.5 grams
Bervy 4 is suitable for medium shrimp with an average weight of 12.5-18.5 grams.
Bervy 5 is suitable for large shrimp, weighing 30 grams or more in average.

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