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More than 32 years of trusted reputation and success in business of manufacture and distribution of feeds for aquatic animal, today Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Company Limited has reached another major milestone. Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Company Limited will now become PP Prime Public Company Limited. This transformation will help us expand to other high growth potential and diversified businesses in line with our vision to move forward endlessly. Because humans are crucial force behind all of our businesses, we aim to improve the lives of humans to be more stable and sustainable.

Through various innovative creations, we are determined to improve human’s lives and societies by choosing to invest in sustainable business, which proved ample wealth and high growth potential in the future. Our current investments consist of Feeds for aquatic animals by Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited. Clean energy investment by TLUXE Power Company Limited. And other various investments around the globe by TLUXE Global Business Company Limed.

PP Prime Public Company Limited will continue to expand investments in order create ample wealth in our business portfolio in the future both domestically and internationally. Apart from our commitment for excellence in business, we hope to create the momentum in the development Thailand in every aspect, economy, society and environment by supporting various social projects.