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Background PP Prime Public Company Limited

Background PP Prime Public Company Limited
From a reliable and successful aquaculture business for over 32 years under the name of Thai Luxe Enterprise Public Company Limited, with a continuous growth performance. Today, to make a big change, Thai Luxe Enterprise Public Company Limited has changed the name to "PP Prime Public Company Limited" in order to expand into other businesses that have potential in Growing taller and more diverse With an unstoppable vision Because we believe that "people" are the important power of every business that we do Our ultimate goal is to make the lives of people stable and sustainable.

PP Prime Public Company Limited therefore strives to increase the ability to develop people's lives and society through a variety of innovations. By choosing to invest in businesses related to the sustainability of people and society, which are businesses that provide stable returns and have high growth potential in the future

The Group currently under the investment of PP Prime Public Company Limited is as follows:

1. Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of aquatic animal feeds, both domestically and internationally.
2. Tlux Power Company Limited, clean energy business Generate electricity from Geothermal energy and wind power in Japan.
3. Tlux Global Business Co., Ltd. Investments in other businesses around the world are growing fast. Through innovation that creates sustainability for the community and the economy

PP Prime Public Company Limited continues to expand investment into other sustainable businesses in the future, both domestically and internationally. Along with business operations, we remain committed to creating sustainability for the society. By supporting various social projects To develop in every dimension Both economic, social and environmental Continuously