Vision and Mission

With over 36 years of experience in the aquatic feed and pet food industry our trusted multidisciplinary team of experts are driven to promote positive changes by bringing tangible value to our vast network of valued long-term customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.
Each step of our work process - from R&D, to production, to distribution,
and aftersales – is done to achieve three key goals


Empowering individuals and communities to thrive through sustainable development and long-term prosperity


1. Maintain and enhance economic wealth of our country and people by growing our business sustainably;
2. Promote and make meaningful contribution to social prosperity through human-centric innovation - a crucial element in attracting & retaining the talent with the right amount of experience & expertise that is applied across our businesses & work processes.
3. Set the standards and raise the bar on positive animal welfare through continuous research and develop products of the highest quality.

We aim to lead the way to take global responsibility to bridge the gap between wealth, prosperity, and welfare. We are always on the lookout for the like-minded businesses and partners across the globe to be a part of this journey of growth beyond borders, sustainability and prosperity.


Corporate Values “Quality Prioritized, All Processes in Our Sights”

  • Foster Wealth & Wellbeing 

We believe that wellbeing is attainable for all individuals. That is why we are dedicated to create prosperity and promote sustainability for our people , partners and stakeholders through outstanding innovations along with responsible and ethical business practices.

  • Pursue Sustainable Growth

We strive to grow in a responsible and sustainable way. We are committed to promote sustainable development with long-term success through environmentally and socially conscious decision-making & business practices.

  • Generate Value by Building Trust

We build strong relationships based on trust, transparency, and integrity which are the foundation of our successful relationship. We foster trust with our customers, partners and shareholders by consistently delivering value through our products, services and day-to-day interactions.

  • Emphasize on the importance of people

We believe that people are the heart of foundation to bring our long-term growth sustainability. We create a culture that prioritizes the needs and well-being of our employees, customers, and surrounding communities.

  • Stay Curious

We strive to foster a culture of curiosity and encourage the value of constant pursuit of knowledge and discovery. By embracing the unknown knowledge and encouraging ongoing learning and exploration, we aim to drive progress, growth, and innovation for years to come.

Environmental quality policy

Thai luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited Finished animal feed By producing and distributing to domestic and foreign customers The company has developed and created a quality system in the organization in order to be able to produce quality products. And able to create satisfaction for customers With the determination to continuously develop the business by focusing on producing quality products And at the same time giving importance to participation in preserving the environment, which the Company will operate under the following determination

- Strictly complying with government laws and regulations and other regulations or agreements that the company is involved with which strictly controls environmental supervision.

- Focus on environmental protection and pollution prevention Especially waste reduction Energy and resource conservation And control of hazardous substances From various activities of the company

- Create and review objectives And environmental goals With continuous improvements

- The company will instill awareness of the environment to employees. To be aware And help to maintain and comply with the environmental management system. This environmental policy Must be extended to all employees at all levels and ready to be distribute

Throughout the operation period The company develops the production process consistently and continuously by using modern technology. Including being the first shrimp feed factory in Thailand that has been With HACCP and GMP certification, Thai Luxe is one of the leading animal feed manufacturers in Thailand. Including the company is also certified. ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 And able to perform tasks according to the set policies

We are committed to business development. On the principles of good governance
Continuously above the expectations of business stakeholders
With consideration to safety, sanitation, environmentally friendly
And participation in sustainable energy conservation