Vision and Mission

With an unstoppable vision Because we believe that "people" are the important power of every business that we do Our ultimate goal Is to make people's lives Stable and sustainable, PP Prime strives to increase capacity. In the development of people's lives and society through various innovations By choosing to invest in businesses related to sustainability Which is a business that provides stable returns And has the potential for high growth in the future


Because humans are crucial force behind all of our businesses, we aim to improve the lives of humans to be more stable and sustainable.

Through various innovative creations, we are determined to improve humans’ lives and societies by choosing to invest in sustainable businesses, which provide ample wealth and high growth potential in the future.


  • Aquaculture feed business And pet food
    We increase our aquaculture feed production capacity Combining modern innovation Which in this business is the first mechanism of the food chain ...
    To produce products for consumption High quality To make people in society Sustainable health Including expanding opportunities
    Business to the production of more pet food as well
    Empowering people and animals with innovations in food supply for sustainable life
  • Investing in the power generation business Geothermal Or Geothermal and Wind Energy
    In japan To increase the ability to develop quality of life and environment Through clean energy innovation
    From nature to create a sustainable world
    Empowering communities with innovations in energy for sustainable living and environment
  • Investing in a business that offers high yields, fast growth, and enhances the potential for business advancement.
    Through innovation that creates sustainability for communities and economies
    Empowering businesses with high profit opportunity and fast growing for sustainable community and economy


Corporate Values “Quality Prioritized, All Processes in Our Sights”

  • Integrity : Adhered to the principle of corporate governance, honesty and common interest (rather than personal interest);
  • Discipline : Be disciplined and adhered to duties and committed to learning of new things;
  • Quality : Focused on the quality and services, devote oneself to professional performance of work, maintain the standard and create satisfactions to business-related parties;
  • Improvement : Committed to creating performances and continuous development of innovation and excellent performances;
  • Engagement : Devoted oneself for common interest, having teamwork skills for creation of performances;

Environmental quality policy

Thailuxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited Finished animal feed By producing and distributing to domestic and foreign customersThe company has developed and created a quality system in the organization in order to be able to produce quality products. And able to create satisfaction for customers With the determination to continuously develop the business by focusing on producing quality products And at the same time giving importance to participation in preserving the environment, which the Company will operate under the following determination

- Strictly complying with government laws and regulations and other regulations or agreements that the company is involved with which strictly controls environmental supervision.

- Focus on environmental protection and pollution prevention Especially waste reduction Energy and resource conservation And control of hazardous substances From various activities of the company

- Create and review objectives And environmental goals With continuous improvements

- The company will instill awareness of the environment to employees. To be aware And help to maintain and comply with the environmental management system. This environmental policy Must be extended to all employees at all levels and ready to be distribute

Throughout the operation period The company develops the production process consistently and continuously by using modern technology. Including being the first shrimp feed factory in Thailand that has been With HACCP and GMP certification, Thai Luxe is one of the leading animal feed manufacturers in Thailand. Including the company is also certified. ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 And able to perform tasks according to the set policies

We are committed to business development. On the principles of good governance
Continuously above the expectations of business stakeholders
With consideration to safety, sanitation, environmentally friendly
And participation in sustainable energy conservation