Mangrove Forest Protection Plant Release Project

With the “Mangrove Forest Conservation Project”, which is one of the CSR projects that aim towards sustainable development in the environment. Whose main purpose In order to raise awareness of conservation, protection, rehabilitation, as well as sharing knowledge And experience About living together with the mangrove forest And coastal ecosystems To maintain natural balance To […]

Graduate Thailuxe Project

Over the period of 13 years, starting from 2006 to the present year 2019, in carrying out the “Thailuxe Graduate Project”, we have supported scholarships for students who study well, behave well, but lack funds. Including grants for educational institutions in all regions throughout the country, as well as scholarships for students / community institutions […]

Campaign to reduce accidents

Is an activity Campaign to reduce accidents During important festivals such as New Year’s Day, Songkran Day in collaboration with local government agencies. Highway police stations in nearby areas, the main production bases of the company are Phetchaburi Province, Songkhla Province and Samut Songkhram Province. By operation model Is a gift giving (Car sun visor) […]

Smile Sharing Project To the elderly

Is an activity to build relationships in the community as well But focusing on local elders The event will be held on the occasion of the National Day of the Elderly every year in communities nearby the main production bases of the company, namely Phetchaburi Province, Songkhla Province and Samut Songkhram Province. Which has a […]

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