Mangrove Reforestation Project

The “Conservation and protection of mangrove forest” project is another initiative belonging to the project on showing responsibility to the society or CSR which focuses on developing the sustainability of the environment with the main objective of cultivating the awareness in conserving, protecting, rehabilitating including disseminating knowledge and experience in living near mangrove forest and […]

Thai Luxe Ban-Dit Project

For more than 13 years, since 2006 until 2018, the company started “Thai Luxe Student Project” by providing study grants to students with good academic records and good behavior but lacking financial resources whilst also supporting educational institutes throughout the country and all regions. The company, furthermore, provides educational grants to students/educational institutions in local […]

Campaign to reduce road accident project

This is a campaign activity to reduce the number of road accidents during important calendar events suchas the New Year and Song Kran festival. It is an activity representing a joint effort with local government agenciesand the highway police department located near the company’s main factories in Phetchaburi, Songkla and Samut Songkram provinces in the […]

Put a smile on senior citizen face project

This community project similarly involves promoting good relationship at the community level with focus on senior citizens. It is organized on the National Senior Citizen day of every year in the community near the company’s main factories i.e. in Phetchaburi, Songkla and Samut Songkram provinces in the form of recreation activities such as handling out […]

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