Academic Seminar “Thai Shrimp Day 30” Moving forward with innovation Care for the environment

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Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, led by General Chaowarit Prapachit, Chief Executive Officer Along with the work team Join the 30th “Thai Shrimp Day” academic seminar. Moving forward with innovation. Care for the environment By having a discussion on the shrimp farming system in foreign countries, the aquaculture trade measures And fishery product standards, domestic marketing, sustainable shrimp farming management, the direction of the Thai shrimp farming network, as well as various innovations that farmers can apply to shrimp farming sustainably etc.

In this regard, the company participated in a product display booth To publicize the aquatic animal feed products of the company Including meeting Suggest farming techniques that answer To shrimp farmers In order to get good products Respond to the needs of the market today, 15-16 February 2020 at Wang Tai Hotel, Surat Thani Province