Join in supporting the budget for educational development

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PP Prime Public Company Limited and Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited jointly support the budget for educational development. Including the development and repair of damaged school buildings to be stable, strong and suitable for organizing student teaching activities. and internal personnel Ban Nong Chumphon School Phetchaburi Province
The company is committed to creating a good future. for Thai youth Including surrounding communities Through the company’s social responsibility activities and projects held continuously It is in line with the 2 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as follows:
Goal 1: Eradicate poverty in all its forms in every area. Reduce poverty both economically and poverty in other dimensions, covering all groups of people, including men, women, children, the poor, and vulnerable groups.
Goal 4: Quality education that is inclusive and equitable and support lifelong learning opportunities. Access to quality education for boys and girls at all levels
On December 25, 2023 at Ban Nong Chumphon School, Khao Yoi District, Phetchaburi Province.