Graduate PP Prime-Thailuxe Project

Throughout the period of more than 16 years, starting from 2006 to the present, in the implementation of the "PP Prime - Thai Luxe Graduate Project", we have supported scholarships for students/students who study well, have good behavior, but lack funds. Including scholarships for educational institutions as well, all regions throughout the country, as well as scholarships for students/institutions in the community. Farmers' children and children of employees in the organization who has received continuous scholarships, totaling more than 2,351 scholarships, with a budget of more than 7,965,000 baht

Because we are aware of the importance of youth education. that will be an important force in the development of the nation in the future along with improving the quality of life of children and is committed to instilling values ​​in the youth to see the value and importance of education as well as to have the ability and receive educational opportunities in order to be the main force and important driving force of the country strengthen the community happy society It is considered as the foundation for enhancing people with knowledge and abilities for their careers. create stability for oneself and society in a sustainable way

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