Mangrove Forest Protection Plant Release Project

With the "Mangrove Forest Conservation Project", which is one of the CSR projects that aim towards sustainable development in the environment. Whose main purpose In order to raise awareness of conservation, protection, rehabilitation, as well as sharing knowledge And experience About living together with the mangrove forest And coastal ecosystems To maintain natural balance To rely on each other sustainably As well as to promote and improve the quality of life of local people To be able to create a career From using mangrove forest resources with value appreciation Bring revolving income within the community

In the past year The company has implemented the project "Planting, releasing, protecting, sharing, mangrove forest "With integrated cooperation with both the public and private sectors, such as Phetchaburi Province, Phetchaburi Fisheries Division, Phetchaburi Mangrove Resources Development Station, Phetchaburi Province, Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Pak Talay Administrative Organization, Ban Laem District, Changwat Phetchaburi, as well as other local government agencies and local people. By jointly planting mangrove forests and releasing aquatic animals Jointly operate the project Planting mangrove forests and releasing aquatic species In the mangrove forest area Of Phetchaburi Province By accepting the project Government agencies, teachers, students, volunteers and the general public Including various media Have a great interest With a total of 300 participants

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