Seminar “Red Nile Tilapia Fish Farming”, Ang Thong Province

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Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited, a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, by the fish food sales team Join the seminar “The Impact of Environmental Changes and the Outbreak of the Red Nile Tilapia Fish Farming Industry” by Mr Theerapong The noble family. Managing Director, Fresh Farm Co., Ltd. presided over the opening ceremony. For this seminar, was honored by Dr. Praphansak Srisaphum, Lecturer, Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University Be a speaker on the topic “The impact of environmental changes and the occurrence of epidemics in the red tilapia cage farming industry”, including prevention and solution methods In order to transfer knowledge, techniques and suitable methods for raising red tilapia cages for sustainable success. As well as being able to cope effectively with the ever-changing environment In addition, the event also has a lucky draw to give away prizes. Which received a lot of attention from farmers in the area at the Pa Mok conference room Krua Khun Kung Restaurant, Pa Mok District, Ang Thong Province, on 30 April 2019