Continuing Sufficiency Project Ban Chat Pato Police Station, Surin Province

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Thai Luxe Enterprise Public Company Limited conducted the project “Continuing sufficiency To fisheries, Thai Border Patrol Police School “year 2/2018 by supporting aquatic food for aquaculture Complete with the transfer of techniques and techniques from a team of experts. Determined to improve the quality of life of youth Expanded to remote rural communities. Thai border To be self-sustainable There are 207 delivery schools in every region of the country, with the management team and the team traveling to deliver aquatic food at Ban Chumpato School, Aphon Subdistrict, Buachet District, Surin Province. School No. 14 in 30 schools that have implemented the project in 2018 with honorable attendance from all sectors, including the Police Department led by Col. Monchai Suthhamvorachai, Deputy Director Police Patrol Ministry of Fisheries Surin, led by Mrs. Atchara Wadi Bunruam, Chief of Fisheries Management Group Surin Province. Maj. Prachen Thamwongsri, School Principal Ban Cham Patto police station Together with teachers and students, local government agencies Attending the aquatic animal feeding ceremony By receiving a warm welcome from all parts mentioned above on 12 June 2018