Continuing Sufficiency Project, Year 3, 2019, Central Region

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Continuing the Sufficiency Project to Fishery Thai Border Patrol Police School Year 3_2019 Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited, a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, led by General Chaowarit Prapachit, Chief Officer. Manage Together with the management team and the project management team To fishery, Thai Border Patrol Police School year 3/2019 by supporting aquaculture food for raising To provide students with good food from high-protein fish products, also resulting in the development of the quality of life of youth, creating a sufficiency economy according to the royal initiative. By bringing the products from farming to lunch Or bring produce to sell to build a career Increase turnover Expanded to surrounding communities It also encourages youth to “power” from happiness, smiles, laughter that opens the world to learn “energy” from eating foods that have good protein sources. Valuable from aquatic animals that have been cultivated by themselves, “brain power” from the growth as a child Get proper nutrition Contribute to the development of intelligence Of children in school age and “life force” from the knowledge gained to further the career. In this year, the company selected 5 Thai Border Patrol Police School, which is Ban Tham Hin School. Tako Police Gilded School, Ratchaburi Province, Ban Mae Noi Police Station Henkel Thai Border Police Station and Ban Ton Mango Border Police Station in Kanchanaburi province in the central region. Under the Border Patrol Police Division 13, it is the first area to deliver aquatic food with Col. Taweesak Jindasak, Superintendent of Border Patrol Police 13 as the recipient. Together with the headmasters from all 5 police schools mentioned above, which received cooperation from the Border Patrol Police Division 13, the mass media, teachers and students participated in the event on 27 June 2019 at the Division Supervising the Border Patrol Police No. 13 (Phra Phut Yod Fa Camp), Kanchanaburi