Project “Children are happy with kind adults” 2020

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PP Prime Public Company Limited by the management team and employees organized the project “Children are happy with kind adults” in 2020 on National Children’s Day. By providing gifts, prizes, and toys to promote learning development for schools in the area nearby. The establishments include Ban Nong Chumpol School, Ban Nong Pradu School, Phetchaburi Province, City Hall Phetchaburi. Which was honored by the Governor of Phetchaburi Province, Mr. Kobchai Bun-orana, as the delegate, Srisuwan Kongkharam School Samut Songkhram Province, Ban Yang Ngam School, Ban Na Kuan School And Bang Riang Subdistrict Municipality, Songkhla Province

In addition, there was an event booth at the Khao Yoi Stadium (Khao Mai Rang) Stadium, Nong Chumphon Subdistrict, Khao Yoi District, Phetchaburi Province. The booth has a lot of activities and games for children, youth and parents to join, such as fun throwing games, Soi Dao games, Like & Share activities, as well as sponsoring big prizes. Children And the youth who attended the event heavily on January 11, 2020