BAP FEED MILL Standard Assessment, Songkhla Province

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Thai Luxe Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, has been assessed for #BAP FEED MILL (Best Aquaculture Practices) standards regarding food processing from aquatic products. which covers 4 main principles: Community, Environment, Food Safety, and traceability process. (Traceability) at the shrimp feed factory, Songkhla province, by SGS Auditors, which has the management team / working group of the company. Implements the BAP AUDIT PLAN and welcomes the inspectors
by auditing the shrimp feed factory Between August 3-4, 2023 according to the scope of work, credentials, audit methods Which has the heading of the inspection requirements briefly as follows
HACCP Document Review (Day 1)
Onsite Audit inspects the production process within the shrimp feed factory area as follows:
Production (bulk packing/loading and premix mixing areas)
Storage (raw material, ingredients, packaging material, feed, reworked feed, premix, cold storage)
FIFO system
Onsite Audit inspects outside the shrimp feed factory area as follows:
Pest control, waste, collecting area, dormitory, canteen, staff facilities, chemical storage, fuel storage,engineering workshop, clinic
Quality control / quality assurance (incoming materials, rework material, packaging material, finished products inspection/testing/analysis)
Label registration and review / Product recall procedure
HACCP Documentation review (Day 2)
CCP Monitoring
GMP Document review (pest control, cleaning program, personnel hygiene, maintenance, waste management)
Traceability records review
Purchasing documents review (fish meal and fish oil)
Safety officer documentation review
(personnel safety, license documents for machine operator)
Human resource (Wage payment,Training,Social accountability,Worker documents review,Property right and regulation compliance,Community relations and worker safety,Employee relations and Interview in private
Finding review and Audit report preparation
The company is committed to producing shrimp feed. that received the BAP standard to meet the needs of today’s market Meet the needs and satisfaction. As well as building confidence with customers / dealers. both within the country and supports exports to foreign markets
On August 3-4, 2023 at Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Khuan Niang District, Songkhla Province.