Thai Luxe Gold Black Tiger Prawn Feed

Product info

Ingredients: fish meal, wheat flour, soybean meal and/or steamed soybeans, vitamins, minerals, pellet aids and preservatives for animal feed quality

No. 101 is suitable for 1st stage larvae, average weight 1.2-2.5 grams.
No. 102 is suitable for second stage larval shrimp, average weight 2.2-3.5 grams.
No. 103 is suitable for small shrimp, average weight 1-3 grams.
No. 103P is suitable for young shrimp with an average weight of 3-8 grams.
No. 104S Suitable for shrimp version 1 average weight 8-12 grams
No. 104 is suitable for medium shrimp, average weight 12-30 grams.
No. 105 is suitable for large shrimp with an average weight of 30 grams or more.

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