Deputy Governor of Songkhla Province Visit the factory in Songkhla Province

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Mr. Woranat Nurot, Deputy Governor of Songkhla Province along with government agencies in the area such as District Public Health, Employment, Provincial Fisheries, Industrial Academics, Mueang Songkhla District Chief, Khuan Niang District Chief, Mueang Songkhla Police Station Superintendent, Khuan Niang Police Station Superintendent, Mayor of Bang Riang Subdistrict Municipality Community leaders in the factory setting area and their team visited the factory to track operations Under the order of the Songkhla Communicable Disease Committee, with Mr. Phiphob Piamyu, General Manager (Songkhla factory) welcomed with management and staff of Thai Luxe Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Songkhla Province), a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited
The Company attaches great importance to and is aware of the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 with a policy to manage emergency situations (Covid-19) of the company, which is in line with the disease prevention measures of the Ministry of Public Health. including personnel, medical supplies, and tools to manage the epidemic as well as communication for employees and all related parties to know and strictly comply with To prevent and monitor the epidemic of coviral-19 on July 8, 2021