Organize a seminar on the topic “Nutrition Genetics” Chachoengsao Province

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PP Prime Public Company Limited, led by Mr. Kittipong Thammachutaporn, Director of Marketing and Trading Along with a team Conducting seminars on the topic “Nutrition” by describing the essential nutrition in Thai Lux shrimp feed. Which are necessary for growth in shrimp Increase the immune system Help restore crustaceans The shrimp are strong, grow quickly, gain weight, good color, and are sought after by both domestic and international markets.
By our expert lecturer Mr. Jedsada Pongpanich, General Manager of Sales, Ms. Kongtul Kaewchan, Central and Eastern Shrimp Food Sales Manager This was honored by Mr. Methakorn Hotekim, an experienced shrimp farming in Vietnam and Thailand. Sharing techniques and methods of raising various In order to avoid white matter problems such as pond preparation, water management, shrimp management, food management. And other management of the banquet as well as discussing and exchanging knowledge with participants Which received a lot of attention from shrimp farmers in the area at Krua Rom Mai Chai Klong, Amphoe Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao Province on November 2, 2020