Participate in the release of aquatic animals

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PP Prime Public Company Limited and Thai Luxe Enterprises (Thailand) Company Limited by executive representatives Corporate Communications Manager Participate in the release of aquatic animals On the occasion of the 44th Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Suthida Patcharasutha Phimonlak, the Queen, organized by the Phetchaburi Provincial Fisheries Office. with Mr. Somboon Thanyaphon, Phetchaburi Province fishery Presided over the ceremony, along with Mr. Sutha Pheriphat, Advisor to the Inspector General of the People’s Sector Social Service, the Prime Minister’s Office and his team. At the event, 300,000 baby sea bass and blue crabs were released into the sea at the Blue Crab Bank, Hat Chao-Laem Phak Bia Community. .Phetchaburi on June 2, 2022