PP Prime-Thailuxe Project “Invite Shop to Help Share” No. 1/2564

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The management and staff of PP Prime Public Company Limited and its affiliates jointly organized the PP Prime-Thailux “Chuan Shop Chuay Cher” project No. 1/2564. Employees in the organization can bring consumer goods to sell at a friendly price. The purpose is to strengthen relationships, create positive energy, generate extra income, distribute income within the organization and share guidelines for additional careers from the project, which is. One of the responsibilities to stakeholders and the good corporate governance policy of the organization in terms of “employees”.

Within the event, there are a variety of products, including special activities, including the collection of purchases to redeem many prizes and win special prizes from coupons on April 2. 2564 at Lan Sam Kung Restaurant, Thailux Co., Ltd., Phetchaburi Province