PP Prime (Thai Luxe) Project – Mae Jo Weaving dreams, sharing hearts, year 13

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PP Prime Public Company Limited organized “PP Prime (Thai Luxe) Project – Mae Jo Sarn Fun, Sharing, Year 13 ”at Ban Sao Hin School, Sao Hin Sub-district, Sao Hin District, Mae Hong Son Province during 2-8 December 2020 in collaboration between PP Prime Plc. And the Faculty of Fisheries Technology and Water resources Mae Jo University, Chiang Mai Province, including aquatic feed distributors, business partners, government and private sectors

The project has built utilities. Both buildings For public benefit to schools, communities, including installing solar cells Repairing the playground With sports equipment for youth To train the body to be healthy and to benefit the school community.

Including delivery of the Company’s aquatic animal feed (frog) For use in the frog breeding program for lunch To become an important protein food source for youth With organizing recreational activities More than 130 scholarships are awarded for consumer goods, medicine and food catering. With youth groups More than 500 people in the backcountry communities participated in the event. In addition, they donated consumer goods such as sports equipment, school supplies, shoes, blankets, etc., to schools in need of funds such as Ban Mae Lo School. Ban Poso School Sala Chiang Tong School Ban Watu School, Mae Hong Son Province