Seminar on the topic “Nutrition genetics”

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PP Prime Public Company Limited organized a seminar on the topic “Nutrition Genetics” with honors from Prof. Suthapheeripas, Advisor to the Department of Fisheries, Ms. Somboon Thanyaphol, Phetchaburi Province Fisheries, Ms. Chayanan Intaratrat, the Company’s shrimp feed customer, Ms. Nittaya Bunprasarn and Ms. Pornsuda Emkruda, the shrimp feed dealer of the Company In the event, there were expert speakers of the company, Mr. Jesada Pongpanich, General Manager of Sales, Ms. Kongtul Kaewchan, Central and Eastern Shrimp Food Sales Manager. Describe the important nutrition in Thai Lux shrimp dishes. Black tiger shrimp market today Shrimp management method to be strong, beautiful color, low cost of raising Meet the needs of farmers, black tiger shrimp and export markets
This was honored by Mr. Methakorn Hotekim, an experienced shrimp farming in Vietnam and Thailand. Join in sharing techniques and methods of raising as well as discussing and exchanging knowledge with participants. Which received a lot of attention from shrimp farmers in the area at Ban Phing Phu Praew Resort Meeting Room, Phetchaburi Province on 18 November 2020.