Visit Jarunan Farm Successful growers of black tiger prawns in freshwater areas

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The PP Prime-Thailuxe team takes a look at “Charunan Farm” of P’ Kae Ban Phaeo Kae, Ban Phaew, completes the story of shrimp, and Pee Nan Nan Jarunan Farm, a beautiful wife who raises black tiger prawns. In the successful freshwater area, based on the Thai Luxe model in the central region, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province, with Moana tiger prawns and 100% lucky tiger prawn feed, exported to China, low percentage, low defect, high survival rate.
Moana & Thailuxe tiger prawns in freshwater area at salinity 5, age 120 days, size 31 pcs.
by adopting the principles of nutrition genetics Used in raising all 25 black tiger shrimp, focusing on food species throughout the period of raising Lucky food that is packed with innovations developed for shrimp species #Mona alone. Combined with management system to reduce costs Reduce the use of unnecessary things in the party. No additives and minerals are used. keeping the cost of raising low It is a real cost reduction. and most importantly, to meet the needs of the market